We offer a range of courses. A certificate is provided on successfully completion of the course.

We offer the complete course on Reiki Healing.

Level 1- After completion of this level, you will be able to give healing to yourself and to others on a one to one basis.

Level 2- Post completion of this level, you will also be able to give distance healing.

Level 3- With completion of this Level, you will have the Master Symbol, which will attune you to a very high healing energy level.  

Reiki Training: Post completion of Level 3, you can train with us to become a Reiki trainer, which enables you to teach and attune people for Reiki.

Angel Healing

We offer course on Angel Healing.

Know all about angels

Guardian angels

Communicate with the angels

Heal with the angels

Angel Meditation


The course on Numerology includes-

Meaning of Numbers

Core Numbers

Relation of numbers with name


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