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Spiritual Development Program

Spiritual Development

Spirituality is free of any religious beliefs and customs. It relates to your innate personality and being aware of your inner self. Spiritual Development is a holistic growth of one's mind, body and soul. It is about having a deeper understanding of your own self and value systems. With some spiritual tools and techniques, we can realize the true purpose of our lives and live mindfully. A spiritually evolved person will have great physical health, improved relationships, mental peace and calmness and enhanced understanding of life.

What will we do

> Introduction to spirituality 

> Meditation Techniques

> Self Exploration and Self-Identity

> Mind-Body Awareness

> Spiritual Awakening- Ego vs Self Love

> Connecting with the Divine and Higher Self

> Knowing your Life Purpose

> Integrating spirituality in your life 

> Living a meaningful life


The duration for this course is 5 days (3 hours each day).

Energy Exchange

INR 21000/-


Certificate will be given after completion of the course.

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