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Numerology Certified Course

What is Numerology

Numbers play a very significant role in our lives. Each alphabet in the English language has a number power to it. When spoken individually or combined with other alphabets, they emit a certain frequency and the number power gets charged. There are lots of numbers that we are attached to. Numerology is a science through which we help to get our numbers in harmonization with one other. Once these are in sync, it enables you to lead a happy and successful life. The numbers have a strong influence on every aspect of our lives be it family, relationship, career, love, education and so on. They have the power to change situations, circumstances and lives. Correct and balanced numbers can create miracles as these are ruled and influenced by the planets in the Universe, which are Divine.

What will you learn

You will learn about the following:

> The meaning & importance of numbers

> Core Numbers

> Birth Chart

> Name Numbers

> Pinnacle Cycles

> Time Cycles

> Personal Year Numbers

> Monthly Numbers

> Remedies


The duration for this course is 15 days (2 hours each day).

Energy Exchange

INR 20000/- (Includes the manual)


Certificate will be given after completion of the course.

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